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With the population growing faster than it has ever been, the real estate industry continues to expand to fulfill the greater housing needs and demand.

Today, consumers are more forward thinking, especifically in the matters of investment in real estates. They are more conscious and concerned about each aspect of their family life.

Intending buyers of property are more likely to search for real estate, using the Internet as their first source of information, as it consumes less time and is much more convenient.
In such a scenario, integration of user friendly interactive tools into the website has helped consumers get the right information, so that they are in a position to take informed decisions, based on the graphics, animation, description, interaction and content.

To make real estate marketing successful, a user-friendly tool for effective presentation of data is an absolute requirement.
To fill this space we have innovated, designed, developed, visualised and created HomePik Interactive.

HomePik Interactive is an Internet-based property search tool featuring 3D Images and Interactivity for an Immersive and Dynamic search and find experience.

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